Surrey Sensors Ltd. is very pleased to announce its partnership with streamwise gmbh and the release of their first joint product, the ProCap Compact flow diagnostic system.

This system pairs the streamwise advanced optical motion-tracking system and 3D flow field analysis software with our advanced digital seven-hole probe to allow users to obtain three-dimensional flow diagnostics around any model without the need for a traverse. The system offers sub-millimeter positional accuracy, and angular positioning accuracy better than the calibration of the probe itself.

“This truly is a revolution in the way you can do things,” commented Dr. David Birch, Director of Research at Surrey Sensors Ltd. “This system can stream real-time velocity and position data, allowing the user to ‘paint’ velocity or pressure fields in virtual space- and offers a viable, low-cost alternative to tomographic PIV.”

The system uses a specially-modified ID7HP-series digital seven-hole probe, fitted with minature optical tracking markers. A multi-camera optical tracking system then identifies the probe location and orientation relative to the model.

“Not only can this system provide optical position feedback from conventional traverse mechanisms,” added Dr. Birch, “but this can provide a quantitative substitute for tranditional smoke-wand assessments used commonly in aerodynamic testing.” The interchangable probe stings provide added flexibility to the system.

The ProCap Compact system is available now. Contact us for a quote.