Inertial gait measurement system

Motion-based sensor array for measuring human movement

This networked system of wearable, miniature inertial measurement units (IMUs) provides information about human movement in real-time. An IMU gait sensor offers a low-cost alternative to conventional optical target-tracking motion capture systems.

With applications in physiotherapy, sleep monitoring, patient care and even athletic performance management and entertainment, this flexible, modular system can provide up to 255 channels of data for maximum data redundancy and accuracy. The prototype shown here is currently undergoing testing for use in clinical physiology.


Inertial motion-capture system

IMU-based gait sensing system

Post-operative monitoring

The system is simple and robust, making it ideal for home-based conitnuous post-treatment and post-operative patient monitoring.

An athlete throwing a javelin

Athletic performance

The sensors are minimally intrusive and can be worn during sporting activity, allowing professional and amateur athletes the opportunity to record and perfect their form

Spirometry clinical assessment

Physiological assessment

The system can provide information about movement and even breathing, for applications in critical care, prolonged care and sleep monitoring.


Modular network

Up to 255 sensing elements may be used simultaneously, for high data redundancy or tracking of complex movements

Small sensing elements

Sensing elements measure less than 5 mm x 5 mm x 1 mm, and can be incorporated into clothing for minimal intrusiveness

Wireless option available

System may be equipped with battery and wireless capability for maximum mobility

Environmental sensor available

The system may also be used to record local environmental conditions including temperature, humidity and altitude

USB Connectivity

Data streamable via USB for long-term monitoring in-situ

16 bit data acquisition

16 bit data acquisition with bandwidths up to 150 Hz, streaming via RS-485;

Product Details

Capabilities and performance

The system includes a distributed network of IMU sensor elements which can be incorporated into garments for ease of wear. Power is provided by a separate battery/signal module which can be worn or carried. Sensors provide direct-to-digital signals, networked via SPI, and then processed and converted to either wireless or USB protocol for upload.

System specifications

  • Physical dimensions: sensor packages approx. 5 mm x 5 mm x 1 mm; power unit approx. 80 mm x 100 mm x 20 mm
  • I/O: Data streaming to PC via USB2.0; wireless comms available as an option
  • Power: via USB
  • Digital resolution: 16-bit, 1 kHz (equivalent) data acquisition
  • IMU specification: 6-axis, range/accuracy 2g/0.061 mg; 245 dps/8.75 mdps
  • System requirements: Win7 or later, minimum 3GHz & 4Gb RAM recommended

Additional custom modifications available

  • Variety of sensor package geometries and probe geometries available
  • Battery power and wireless telemetry module for remote operation
  • Integrated power supply and streaming serial output available for stand-alone operation
  • Custom enclosure design service available
  • Custom software and driver development service available
  • Extended product support and warranty available