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Complete motion capture and flow measurement system for traverse-free three-dimensional velocimetry

This revolutionary product, a collaboration between streamwise gmbh and Surrey Sensors Ltd., pairs our market-leading ID7HP-series digital seven-hole probe with a Streamwise ProCap motion-capture and real-time data processing system. The result is a simple, portable and affordable volumetric anemometry system that can make simple work of characterizing the most complex flows.

Using a specially modified digital seven-hole probe, the ProCap motion tracking cameras can locate the probe and its position and orientation relative to your model geometry. Returning three-dimensional, three-component velocity data, the system allows the user to ‘paint’ profiles of velocity and pressure in the volume anywhere around the model, entirely eliminating the need for a precision traverse.


ProCap Compact Flow Diagnostic System


Reduce wind tunnel setup and turnaround times, obtain precision tomographic velocity and pressure data in areas that area optically-inaccessible, and provide a powerful, quantitative alternative to classical smoke-wand visualization.

Wind tunnel model of urban environment

Wind tunnel

Get real-time, independent feedback from your traverse system with digital visualization of both your model and the probe, reducing the risk of probe crashes; obtain true three-component, three-dimensional tomographic velocity fields without the need for flow seeding, and reduce aerodynamic testing time.


Provide students with a real-time, quantitative visual representation of complex, three-dimensional flow fields in either internal or external flows with a robust, hands-on measurement system ideally-suited for laboratory demonstrations.


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