Surrey Sensors Ltd. was formed specifically to commercialize the novel and innovative technologies emerging from the experimental laboratories at the University of Surrey. Formed as a partnership between private venture and the university, SSL represents a new paradigm in bringing the products of academic research to the market.


University of Surrey

The University of Surrey began as the Battersea Polytechnic, founded in 1891 to provide technical and vocational training primarily to residents of South London. The institution became the Battersea College of Technology in 1956. In 1966, it expanded and was established as a university by Royal Charter, moving to its new Guildford campus shortly thereafter.

Formation of Surrey Sensors Ltd.

The University of Surrey Centre for Aerodynamics and Environmental Flows was first established as the “EnFlo Labs” in 1993, with support from National Power, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the Met Office. Over the next twenty years, it would solidify its reputation as one of the leading experimental fluids research facilities in Europe, with internationally-leading capability in the design and development of sophisticated fluid measurement systems.

As capability in the integration of digital systems with measurement technology expanded, the demand for products and services outgrew the available infrastructure. The measurement technology and services were then assigned to the new start-up, Surrey Sensors Ltd., in 2016. This company is a unique partnership between technological entrepreneurs, researchers, and the University of Surrey.

Laboratory facilities

The University of Surrey Centre for Aerodynamics and Environmental Flow (CAEF) is a group of academics, technical and research staff working on current problems and advanced research in the field of experimental and numerical fluid dynamics. Our major facilities include two fully automated instrumented medium-scale wind tunnels with rapid turnaround capability, and the ENFLO atmospheric boundary layer tunnel – a National Centre for Atmospheric Science national facility. With rapid manufacturing, PCB fabrication and precision machining capability, the CAEF also has advanced prototyping capability.