Bespoke, cost-effective measurement solutions for a wide range of sectors

Applying cutting-edge technology developed in the University of Surrey research laboratories to the design and manufacture of bespoke, cost-effective measurement solutions.

Surrey Sensors Ltd. is commercializing the technology developed by Dr. David Birch and Dr. Paul Nathan as part of the University of Surrey’s experimental aerodynamics research programme, drawing on decades of experience in designing and managing fully-automated experimental measurement systems for the NCAS EnFlo national laboratory.

What we do

Surrey Sensors Ltd. offers bespoke, cost-effective measurement solutions for a wide range of sectors including Formula 1/motorsport, avionics, UAVs (unmanned air vehicles), healthcare, commercial agriculture and elite sport.

We are unique in being able to manufacture custom-designed, deployable prototype sensor systems specifically optimized for our customers’ applications, using techniques including 3D printing, within a very short turnaround time.

We specialize in the design and fabrication of high-precision, low-cost, compact measurement systems and sensor packages.

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About us

Dave Birch

Surrey Sensors Ltd. was incorporated in 2015 as a partnership between academics and researchers at the University of Surrey, and engineers and entrepreneurs from the private sector. Our vision is to make the cutting edge technology developed in the university research laboratories accessible to the wider public.

Working in partnership with the Centre for Aerodynamics and Environmental Flow at the University of Surrey, we draw upon decades of experience in designing and managing fully-automated experimental measurement systems for the NCAS EnFlo National Laboratory.

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Measurement solutions for a wide range of sectors

Atmospheric research

Designed for use in meteorological monitoring stations, our compact, low-cost wind monitoring system is capable of measuring wind velocity and direction, temperature and humidity and provides a much more compact and economical solution than conventional ultrasonic sensors.

UAV Avionics

Our air data probes provide some of the smallest, lightest and most powerful measurement capability for use on unmanned aircraft. Offering pressure-based probes for speeds from 4 m/s to supersonic, and our proprietary CMOS thermal probes for speeds down to 10 mm/s, we offer products suitable for virtually any UAV configuration and mission.

Athlete performance

Custom-designed, very-high-precision directional velocity probes and motion sensors have been used to provide elite athletes and their coaches with the detailed information they need to fine-tune and target their efforts during training.

Formula 1 avionics

Modern Formula 1 cars can drive faster than some aircraft and, just like aircraft, Formula 1 car performance can depend heavily on the local wind conditions. We have produced compact, high-precision 'avionics' packages for use in testing the latest Formula 1 designs.

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Bringing leading research to the real world

Precision-machined, heated stainless steel seven-hole probe

Multi-hole velocity and vorticity probes

Low-cost, machined or 3D-printed integrated probes for UAV, wind-tunnel and very-large-array applications

Micro-CTA flex-sensor element

Thermal anemometry systems

High-precision, high-bandwidth constant-temperature and constant-current anemometery systems

Pressure scanner transducer ports

Pressure sensing systems

High-bandwidth, low-cost miniature pressure sensors for large- and very-large arrays

Micro-CTA unit

Measurement instrumentation

High-precision, high-bandwidth analogue signal multiplexers and conditioners

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