Compact, self-contained velocity measurement

This compact, low-cost multihole probe system is as little as 12.7 mm in diameter and can be fitted with 3D-printed steel probe extensions in any geometry. The total probe length can be less than 95 mm long, and includes on board all of the sensing and A/D hardware required for precision velocity measurement. With a local static reference option and both USB and UART communications built-in, this fully self-contained measurement system will dramatically simplify your setup.

Ideal for wind-tunnels, automotive applications and UAV flight control, this system provides an all-in-one multi-hole probe solution in a highly compact package, at a very affordable price. Available in either low-mass Nylon or hardened stainless steel, this product completely eliminates the need for pressure lines and can turn any length of hollow tube into a modular seven-hole velocity probe.


Three-component velocity measurement

Wind-tunnel testing

Simple, low-cost and networked measurement of three components of velocity in a highly compact package; ideal for rakes

Reaper UAV with canopy removed

UAV flight control

A simple, plug & play UART interface and either low-mass nylon or robust hardened stainless enclosures make this probe ideal for use on UAVs of any size

Automotive & motorsport

With CAN compatibility and a highly compact package, this system can be easily integrated into track testing systems.


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