Minature, self-contained digital thermal anemometer

"World's smallest" fully-integrated and temperature-compensated fluid velocity measurement system

This ultra-compact thermal anemometry system is fully self-contained, and is ideal for use in high-EMI environments. Our proprietary CMOS sensing elements allow the system to be calibrated down to speeds of less than 10 mm/s in air. The electronics package is small enough to fit inside a 13 mm diameter sting, and purpose-designed robust miniature probes can be directly integrated for a complete velocity sensing package.

At a small fraction of the cost of a conventional CTA system, this miniature unit provides all the necessary functionality to carry out flow measurements with minimal complexity. The system has a proprietary analogue temperature correction system, offering a signal virtually insensitive to temperature over a wide range of ambient conditions. Systems are available with robust, surface-mountable flex-probes, either as analogue-reading units or fully-integrated USB-driven systems.


Miniature thermal anemometry system

Wind-tunnel laboratory

Wind tunnel measurements

This system provides an ideal alternative to high-cost, high-bandwidth CTA systems for use in environments normally considered too risky for thermal anemometry. With surface-mounted polyamide sensor leads, these units are extremely robust and can be used in particle-laden flows. With our optional coatings, the sensors may also be used in conductive or corrosive environments.

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The high cost of most commercial CTA systems, and the high fragility of conventional hot-wire and hot-film probes makes these difficult to use in educational environments. This micro-CTA system is an inexpensive, robust alternative- and the direct-to-USB signal output means that no additional data acquisition hardware is required.

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The thermal anemometry probe offers a compact, low-cost alternative to conventional pressure-based velocity measurement, with improved bandwidth and no holes to become fouled or filled with water. This self-contained unit is small enough to tuck into otherwise inaccessible areas, and is suitable for trackside monitoring.


Robust sensing element

Robust, abrasion-resistant permanent sensing element with ultra-low calibration drift

Integrated temperature probe

Integrated, automatic temperature compensation for near-flat response over a wide range of ambient temperature conditions

Array mounting

Surface array mountings available for high-resolution, nonintrusive measurement of wall velocities

Ultralow velocity range

The CMOS sensing element operates at marginal overheat, allowing reliable measurement of speeds in air lower than 10 mm/s


Sealed sensors available, allowing operation in conductive media, seawater and other corrosive or harsh environments

Range of prong geometries

A range of prong diameters and lengths are available

Good bandwidth

Bandwidths of over 100 Hz are possible, depending on sensor

16 bit, 1000 Hz data acquisition

16 bit, 1000 Hz data acquisition, streaming via USB

Compact, in-line package

System fits inside a 13 mm diameter sting

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  • Surrey Sensors Ltd. micro-CTA test panel

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