Low-cost, multi-channel pressure measurement

This low-cost, high-functionality pressure indexing system is an ideal solution for any multichannel pressure measurement requirements. With self-detecting, hot-swappable modular transducer cards and ranges down to +/- 160 Pa full-scale, this system offers maximum flexibility for rapidly changing requirements.

Whether for surface pressure measurements, multi-hole velocity probes or process control applications, this system provides a high-sensitivity, highly adaptable solution for all your pressure measurement needs. Pressure sensors are mounted in banks of eight on interchangable cards, each carrying its own on-board memory factory-loaded with calibration data. The system includes full local environment sensors for temperature, density and humidity corrections, as well as a remote fluid temperature sensor. The system is available in a variety of enclosures, or as an OEM unit.


Multichannel pressure measurement

Wind-tunnel testing

Rapid, quasi-simultaneous sampling of up to 64 pressure channels for model surface pressure characterization, lift/drag estimates and facility pressure gradient monitoring

19-hole vorticity probe

Multi-hole velocity & vorticity probes

With modular banks of eight channels, full-scale pressure ranges down to 160 Pa and an additional remote fluid temperature sensor, this system is ideal for driving arrays of seven-hole probes, n-hole vorticity probes and probe rakes.

Process control

As an OEM unit, this system can be easily integrated into process control systems, gas distribution and regulation systems, or HVAC controllers. Its robust, modular construction allows easy installation and maintance, while its low power requirements and simple USB interface requires minimal system resource.


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