64-channel modular pressure scanner system

Low-cost, multi-channel pressure measurement

This low-cost, high-functionality pressure indexing system is an ideal solution for any multichannel pressure measurement requirements. With self-detecting, hot-swappable modular transducer cards and ranges down to +/- 160 Pa full-scale, this system offers maximum flexibility for rapidly changing requirements.

Whether for surface pressure measurements, multi-hole velocity probes or process control applications, this system provides a high-sensitivity, highly adaptable solution for all your pressure measurement needs. Pressure sensors are mounted in banks of eight on interchangable cards, each carrying its own on-board memory factory-loaded with calibration data. The system includes full local environment sensors for temperature, density and humidity corrections, as well as a remote fluid temperature sensor. The system is available in a variety of enclosures, or as an OEM unit.


Multichannel pressure measurement

Wind-tunnel laboratory

Wind-tunnel testing

Rapid, quasi-simultaneous sampling of up to 64 pressure channels for model surface pressure characterization, lift/drag estimates and facility pressure gradient monitoring

19-hole vorticity probe

Multi-hole velocity & vorticity probes

With modular banks of eight channels, full-scale pressure ranges down to 160 Pa and an additional remote fluid temperature sensor, this system is ideal for driving arrays of seven-hole probes, n-hole vorticity probes and probe rakes.

Computer-controlled process-control regulators

Process control

As an OEM unit, this system can be easily integrated into process control systems, gas distribution and regulation systems, or HVAC controllers. Its robust, modular construction allows easy installation and maintance, while its low power requirements and simple USB interface requires minimal system resource.


Fully modular architecture

Modular, interchangable and hot-swappable transducer cards with on-board, factory-loaded calibration data

Temperature-compensated transducers

Each transducer is locally temperature-compensated, with additional remote temperature monitoring.

Absolute static pressure sensor

Absolute static pressure and local air temperature sensors for high-accuracy data reduction

Inertial positioning sensor

Inertial positioning sensor for automated levelling and vibration warning

Humidity sensor

Humidity sensor for density correction and condensation warning

16 bit, 1000 Hz data acquisition

16 bit, 1000 Hz data acquisition, streaming via USB;

Data streaming via USB

USB interface and power for maximum system compatibility

Software and drivers included

All software and drivers are included for plug-and-play functionality

Range of enclosures available, or as OEM unit

Enclosures available in both plastic and aluminium

Product Details

Capabilities and performance

The system uses direct-to-digital pressure transducers with built-in temperature compensation, operating at 1 kHz in sample-and-hold mode. Quasi-simultaneous sampling is acheived by multiplexing through the signals at high frequency.

A bandwidth of 1 kHz is achievable at the trandcuer barbs; frequency response will be reduced depending on the length of tubing used between the sensor and the measurement point.

System specifications

  • Physical dimensions: approx. 200 x 90 x 60 mm
  • I/O: Data streaming via USB2, external trigger and clock ports for system synchronization
  • Power: via USB
  • Digital resolution: 16-bit, 1 kHz (equivalent) data acquisition
  • Range: from 160 Pa full-scale; wide range of scales available
  • Sensor type: available  in both absolute and differential configurations
  • Temperature range: temperature compensation from -40° to +70° C
  • Total uncertainty: ~0.5% full-scale
  • Absolute pressure sensor specification: 300-1100 Pa FS, +/- 0.12 Pa
  • Relative humidity sensor specification: 0% – 100% RH, +/- 1%
  • IMU specification: 6-axis, range/accuracy 2g/0.061 mg; 245 dps/8.75 mdps
  • System requirements: Win7 or later, minimum 3GHz & 4Gb RAM recommended

Additional custom modifications available

  • 24-bit pressure sensors available
  • Battery power and wireless telemetry module for remote operation
  • Integrated power supply and streaming serial output available for stand-alone operation
  • Custom enclosure design service available
  • Multichannel quick-change pressure connector available
  • Custom software and driver development service available
  • Spare transducer cards and card kits available
  • Bespoke transducer cards with mixed ranges/types available
  • Extended product support and warranty available