Ultra-low velocity, surface-mountable sensor array

This ultra-miniaturized multichannel variant of the Surrey Sensors “micro-CTA” can simultaneously drive up to eight of the surface-mountable CMOS sensing elements, offering the capability to map surface velocities in real-time at speeds down to 10 mm/s.

Featuring high-quality power conditioning, eight simultaneous A/D channels and user-selectable gain, this system offers a very powerful measurement capability. With a footprint of 75 mm x 45 mm driving eight ultra-miniature sensors, the system is easily integrated into models and, with our real-time visualization software, offers previously-unavailable integrated surface measurement capability.


Integrated nano-CTA array

Dr David Birch and the air quality sensor prototype

Precision gas flow measurement

With an array of wall-mounted sensors, any channel, pipe or duct could become a precision mass flow meter. Since the system does not rely on pressure differences, very low speed measurements are possible with near-zero head loss.


For internal or external aerodynamics, this sensor array can provide rich and detailed information about flow fields, flow separation and aerodynamics performance. Our surface-mountable sensors are minimally-intrusive, and can be installed on automotive bodywork.

Reaper drops first precision-guided bomb, protects ground forces

UAV flight control

With sensitivities down to 10 mm/s or lower, an array of surface-mounted nano-CTA units can be used to provide precision airspeed, incidence and sideslip to the air data computer- even in hover. With almost negligible mass, the sensor array provides an attractive alternative to conventional Pitot systems for small-scale UAVs.


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