Multichannel driver for nano-CTA elements

Ultra-low velocity, surface-mountable sensor array

This ultra-miniaturized multichannel variant of the Surrey Sensors “micro-CTA” can simultaneously drive up to eight of the surface-mountable CMOS sensing elements, offering the capability to map surface velocities in real-time at speeds down to 10 mm/s.

Featuring high-quality power conditioning, eight simultaneous A/D channels and user-selectable gain, this system offers a very powerful measurement capability. With a footprint of 75 mm x 45 mm driving eight ultra-miniature sensors, the system is easily integrated into models and, with our real-time visualization software, offers previously-unavailable integrated surface measurement capability.


Integrated nano-CTA array

Dr David Birch and the air quality sensor prototype

Precision gas flow measurement

With an array of wall-mounted sensors, any channel, pipe or duct could become a precision mass flow meter. Since the system does not rely on pressure differences, very low speed measurements are possible with near-zero head loss.

Formula 1 cars going around a hairpin turn


For internal or external aerodynamics, this sensor array can provide rich and detailed information about flow fields, flow separation and aerodynamics performance. Our surface-mountable sensors are minimally-intrusive, and can be installed on automotive bodywork.

A fully armed MQ-9 Reaper

UAV flight control

With sensitivities down to 10 mm/s or lower, an array of surface-mounted nano-CTA units can be used to provide precision airspeed, incidence and sideslip to the air data computer- even in hover. With almost negligible mass, the sensor array provides an attractive alternative to conventional Pitot systems for small-scale UAVs.


Modular 8-channel design

Modular architecture supports up to eight channels per unit, with fully-interchangeable surface-mountable sensor elements.

Analogue temperature-compensation

Each channel features an independent analogue-balance temperature compensation system, ensuring precision operation in flows with temperature gradients and eliminating the potential error from post-processing temperature compensation

Ultra-low velocity range

Our proprietary CMOS sensor technology has a temperature sensitivity orders of magnitude higher than those of conventional thermal anemometers, offering sensitivity to speeds down to less than 10 mm/s in air.

Waterproof and robust

Silicone coatings available to enable use in conductive or corrosive environments (including seawater), with no performance degradation.

High bandwidth

Bandwidths of up to 100 Hz are achievable, allowing this system to be used in high-speed process control and UAV avionics.

USB connectivity

Software and drivers are supplied for plug-and-play USB operation, minimizing set-up time and allowing easy operation "right out of the box".

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