Low-cost, small-size pressure measurement

This ultracompact, low-cost, pressure scanner measures only 85 mm x 50 mm x 20 mm including the stainless-steel tubulated barbs, providing an affordable alternative for in-model pressure measurement. Featuring 64 true-differential pressure sensors with independent on-board A/D and an IP68-rated enclosure, this system is ideal for challenging environments.

Whether for wind-tunnel model surface pressure measurements, automotive track data gathering or even process control, this system provides high-precision, factory-calibrated pressure measurement in a small, rugged package at a very affordable price. With the flexibility of in-built USB and UART communications and available CAN2B compatibility, this system offers a simple, reliable and compact solution to your pressure measurement needs.


Multichannel pressure measurement

Wind-tunnel testing

Rapid, quasi-simultaneous sampling of 64 pressure channels for model surface pressure characterization, lift/drag estimates and facility pressure gradient monitoring

19-hole vorticity probe

Multi-hole velocity & vorticity probes

With a minimally-intrusive profile, full-scale pressure ranges suitable for speeds of up to 100 m/s and true differential measurement, this system is ideal for model-embedded pressure measurement.

Process control

With UART communications, this system can be easily integrated into process control systems, gas distribution and regulation systems, or HVAC controllers. Its robust, modular construction allows easy installation and maintance, while its low power requirements and simple interface requires minimal system resource.


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