Bespoke systems development

From requirements capture and conception through to short-run production, we can provide full idea-to-market support for new instrumentation and measurement systems.

Micro-CTA unit

Low-cost, high-capability instrumentation

We specialize in the development of low-cost instrumentation and miniaturized sensing systems, using the latest off-the-shelf hardware and drawing upon decades of experience in fluid measurement.

Micro air-data probe installed on the NCAS-FAAM aircraft

Sensors and actuators

We specialize in the characterization of fluid properties and state, including pressure, temperature, density, viscosity, velocity, humidity and concentration. We also produce integrated motion systems for autonomous and semi-autonomous experimental measurement.

Precision manufacturing and prototyping

With access to the precision machine shops and rapid-prototyping capabilities of the University of Surrey’s Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences, we can manufacture high-tolerance, complex components with short turnaround times.

TRL 0 – 6

We work primarily at the low end of the technology readiness level scale, supporting fundamental, “blue-sky” research and collaborating on UKRI-funded development projects on one end, and developing these technologies into production-ready prototypes on the other.


In addition to providing functional prototypes, we also provide solution development and design services for implementation in OEM products, and licence our patented technologies for third-party use.