Things have just got a lot smaller! Surrey Sensors Ltd. has now standardized its ultra-miniature seven-hole probe sting. The M2-series has an outside sheath diameter of  2.1 mm and a hole-centre radius of only 400 μm, and is fabricated from cold-rolled 316 stainless steel.

Because these probes do not use laser-sintering or 3D printing technology, they are an economical solution, offer much more consistent material properties and no fundamental restrictions on probe lengths. Also, probes can be bent and formed as required.

“This is an exciting time,” commented Dr. David Birch, Director of Research; “Surrey Sensors Ltd. has had its most successful year ever by a very wide margin, and is rapidly growing its market share. This new capability is a reflection of our ongoing programme of investment in new products and technologies.”

The new M2-series stings are now available on all ID7HP-series products.