High-precision, self-contained sensor package for Pitot-static probes

This high-precision, low-cost package includes all of the sensing elements required for high quality measurements with a standard Pitot-static probe. Ideal for use in process control, flow speed monitoring or education, this system provides a simple, high-power sensing solution.

Featuring a differential stagnation pressure sensor, an absolute static pressure sensor and a temperature sensor, this system provides all the information required for high-quality Pitot-static velocity measurements. Powered and driven entirely by USB and featuring a simple, intuitive user interface, this low-cost sensor driver is perfect for general use.


Precision Pitot-static probe driver

Wind tunnel testing

With 24-bit resolution, absolute and differential pressure sensors and a fluid temperature probe, this system is one of the most precise available. With differential pressure ranges available down to 250 Pa, it is equally ideal for low- and high-speed aerodynamics.


Offering a small and robust package, simple interface and fully self-contained operation, this system is well-suited equally to high-performance competitive motorsports and amateur enthusiasts.

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Process control

Offering high precision, simple operation, robust construction and a low cost, this system is ideal for educational demonstrations, teaching laboratories and student projects.


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