Testing and protyping systems for pressure sensors

Breakout cards and drivers for high-precision digital pressure sensors

Our pressure sensor testing and prototyping systems are designed to be used with the Honeywell RSC and HSC series sensors. The testing cards include all of the power, signal conditioning and digital systems required to drive these high-precision digital sensors.

Modern digital pressure transducers no longer provide simple analogue-proportional outputs. These high-precision sensors have analogue-to-digital converters, temperature sensors for temperature compensation, signal conditioners and microprocessors- all on-board. Our testing cards provide a simple, low-cost and easy-to-use interface with these sensors. Supplied either with or without the sensor installed.


Pressure sensor interface cards

USB compatible

Micro-USB interface available for monitoring and data logging

Analogue output

0-5 VDC analogue output avaialble for compatibility with legacy systems

Full product line

Compatible with all Honeywell HSC and RSC digital pressure sensors.

Product Details

Capabilities and performance

Simple testing and validation break-out boards provide access to all of the functionality of these digital systems. The interface may be used for prototyping, or equally as a very simple pressure acquisition system.

Enclosures are available for stand-alone use.