Micro-air data probe

High-performance, compact probe for air velocity and state

This air data probe is one of the smallest and most functional currently available, providing high-fidelity measurement for a range of applications- including use on passenger aircraft, for which the system has already been certified.

This system provides a completely self-contained measurement solution for air data requirements, including three components of velocity, static pressure, pressure altitude, relative humidity and temperature. An integrated IMU provides positional information for alignment, as well as vibration warning. The system communicates using a robust RS-485 protocol, ensuring data confidence in even the noisiest environments.


Air data measurement

Wind-tunnel laboratory

Wind-tunnel testing

With probe sting diameters down to 1.8 mm and sensor packages down to 15 mm diameter located downstream, the integrated multi-hole probe system provides a compact, robust and minimally intrusive probe system at a fraction of the cost of LDV or CTA systems. The networked RS-485 architecture is particularly useful for rake or other simultaneous multipoint measurements.

A fully armed MQ-9 Reaper

Unmanned aircraft

With a variety of probe and sensor package geometries available, this compact air data system provides high-fidelity measurements in a form easily adapted for integration into small- and medium-scale UAVs, and would allow for more precise flight control than conventional pitot-static arrangements.

Formula 1 cars going around a hairpin turn


This self-contained system may be fitted with a probe having extra sensitivity to yaw angles, providing high-quality track wind information with a very small required enclosed volume requirement and mass. Incorporating heaters, the probe may equally be used in wet and heavy rain conditions with minimal additional uncertainty.


Seven-plus-one hole probe

For velocity measurement, including true local static pressure

Temperature sensors

Systems includes a local air temperature sensor, as well as automated temperature correction

Absolute static pressure sensor

Absolute static pressure  sensors for high-accuracy data reduction

Inertial positioning sensor

Inertial positioning sensor for automated probe alignment and vibration warn

Humidity sensor

Humidity sensor for density correction and condensation warn

16 bit, 1000 Hz data acquisition

16 bit, 1000 Hz data acquisition, streaming via RS-485 using robust comms protocol

Integrated heaters

Sting and case heaters available for de-icing, operation in wet conditions and operation in low temperature conditions

Compact, in-line sensor package

Small-volume sensor package can fit inside a 25 mm pipe, 80 mm long

Range of probe diameters

Probe sting diameters down to 2 mm OD available

Product Details

Capabilities and performance

The system uses direct-to-digital pressure transducers with built-in temperature compensation, operating at 1 kHz in sample-and-hold mode. 2W sting heaters and birdstrike armour are avaialble as options, enabling the system to be operated on aircraft.

The probes communicate using a robust RS-485 network protocol, ensuring high data quality even in high-EMI environments and allowing up to 16 probes to be chained together; an RS-485 – to – USB converter, with user panel interface, is also included with every system.

System specifications

  • Physical dimensions: sensor package approx. 25 mm dia x 60 mm or 108 x 27 x 10 mm
  • I/O: Data streaming to PC via USB2 or RS232, external trigger and clock ports for system synchronization
  • Power: DC input 5- 24 VDC, current depends on heaters installed
  • Digital resolution: up to 24 bit, 1 kHz (equivalent) data acquisition
  • Range: from 160 Pa full-scale; wide range of scales available
  • Temperature range: temperature compensation from -40° to +70° C; external temperatures as low as -80° C possible with heaters installed
  • Total uncertainty: ~0.5% full-scale
  • Absolute pressure sensor specification: 300-1100 Pa FS, +/- 0.12 Pa
  • Relative humidity sensor specification: 0% – 100% RH, +/- 1%
  • IMU specification: 6-axis, range/accuracy 2g/0.061 mg; 245 dps/8.75 mdps
  • System requirements: Win7 or later, minimum 3GHz & 4Gb RAM recommended

Additional custom modifications available

  • Variety of sensor package geometries and probe geometries available
  • Available with or without heaters
  • Battery power and wireless telemetry module for remote operation
  • Integrated power supply and streaming serial output available for stand-alone operation
  • Custom enclosure design service available
  • Available with either an axial lead or case-mounted MIL-spec connector
  • Custom software and driver development service available
  • Calibration service available
  • Extended product support and warranty available