Compact wind velocity measurement system for field measurement

Based on a well-established technology used in aerospace wind tunnels for decades, the thermal wind anemometry system offers a compact, robust, low-cost and efficient alternative to more conventional sonic anemometers for field wind measurement.

For meteorologial studies, environmental monitoring, wind load estimation or dispersion monitoring, these compact anemometers offer similar functionality to ultrasonic systems, but with a significantly reduced footprint and cost.


Compact thermal wind anemometry system

Meteorological wind monitoring

This system provides the magnitude of wind velocity and two components of direction, and was specifically designed for use in distributed networks of environmental monitoring stations. The compact footprint and flexible data output configurations facilitate integration into existing monitoring systems.

Wind tunnel testing

Tuned for use in monitoring very-large-scale events, this anemometry system is ideal for monitoring mean-flow conditions, and offers a convenient and low-cost means of controlling facility speeds, for example.


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