Velocity, pressure and temperature probes for any application

From conventional Pitot-static, five- and seven-hole velocity probes to 37-hole omnidirectional probes, direct vorticity probes and micro-thermistor probes, we offer a range of standard and customizable probe configurations for any fluid measurement application.

Multi-hole pressure probes remain one of the simplest and most robust means to measure fluid velocity and direction. Our family of pressure-based velocity and vorticity probes, with our multichannel pressure measurement systems and software, allow for simple and straightforward, reliable flow velocity characterization right out of the box. Together with our temperature and pressure probes, we can offer full thermodynamic state measurement capability. Available in a range of sizes, materials and configurations, our probes offer a fully-customizable solution for any measurement requirement.


Velocity, temperature and pressure probes

Wind tunnel testing

Three-component velocity probes provide a robust and low-cost alternative to non-intrusive optical and laser flow interrogation techniques; high-density rakes can also provide simultaneous, multi-point measurements for statistical analysis. With multi-sensor stings and fully-customizable configurations availble, these probes provide powerful measurement capability in a compact, minimally intrusive package.


High-precision, low-mass velocity (and specifically yaw angle) are available, with compact integrated sensor packages, for use in motorsport track measurement and control applications.

Reaper drops first precision-guided bomb, protects ground forces

Unmanned aircraft and UAVs

Low-mass probes are available for flight applications, for measurement of angle of attack, sideslip angle, as well as relative airspeed and air temperature. De-icing capability and birdstrike survivability are also available as options.


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