Our sector-leading capability in automated systems for wind-tunnel laboratory measurements, developed over more than twenty years in managing a national laboratory, is now commercially available.

Aircraft air-data system, shown with RS485 USB converter, in shipping case

Integrated multi-hole probe systems

Our integrated multi-hole pressure probe systems offer a robust, repeatable and reliable solution for medium-bandwidth three-component velocity measurements in the time domain.

  • Integrated pressure transducers for maximum bandwidth
  • Minimally intrusive probes- tip diameters down to 1.8 mm available
  • High-functionality sensor package, including differential pressure transducers, local absolute pressure, temperature and humidity sensors, and inertial measurement unit (for alignment and vibration warning)
  • Integrated static pressure taps available on all probe models, for direct local static differential pressure measurements
  • Minimal data line-out requirement; probes can be chained together as an RS-485 network, streaming data to a PC via USB

Low-cost pressure scanners

Our 64-channel pressure scanner system offers a completely flexible, modular architecture to maximize functionality and minimize down-time between experimental runs. This system is available either with a protective case or as an OEM unit.

  • Up to 64 channels accommodated per unit; transducers are mounted in self-configuring, hot-swappable cards of 8
  • Sensing ranges down to 160 Pa differential (accurate to 0.25%) available, and kits of sensor cards are available for mixed-range operation
  • Remote fluid temperature probe included, for density estimates
  • Local temperature, absolute pressure and humidity sensors included, for density corrections and condensation warning
  • Inertial measurement unit included, for orientation and vibration warning
  • USB driven and powered- no external power supply required
Pressure scanner, secured in nylon case
Typical turbulence velocity traces

Thermal anemometry systems

Our low-cost, medium-bandwidth constant-temperature and constant-current anemometry systems offer highly competitive performance for a fraction of the cost of high-fidelity systems, and are ideal for lower bandwidth turbulence measurements or large-array applications.

  • Ultrahigh-precision, high-bandwidth constant current anemometers for cold-wire probes
  • High-precision, medium-bandwidth (12 kHz) hot-wire anemometry systems for larger-scale turbulence measurements and rake applications
  • Micro-footprint systems for bridge-in-sting applications, for high-EMI environments or remote measurements
  • Ruggedized self-contained, low-bandwidth complete metal-film CTA systems for high-fidelity, low-velocity measurements

Surface pressure measurement systems

Surface-mounted pressure sensing dies offer a versatile, low-cost and minimally-intrusive solution for high-bandwidth (~2 kHz) surface pressure measurements with high spatial resolution.

Sensing dies can be mounted with an isotropic pitch of 4 mm, and have a measurement area of approximately 2.5 mm square

Total system thickness can be as low as 2 mm, so geometric interferences with experimental models is minimal

No sub-surface access required- system can be entirely “stuck on the surface”

Flexible substrates are possible, for mounting on contoured surfaces

Pressure sensing element wafer
Distributed data acquisition array network transceiver

Measurement instrumentation

Our low-cost, high-functionality measurement instrumentation systems were specifically designed for inter-compatibility, using our own robust RS-485 network communications protocols to ensure reliable transmission and data transfer even in the noisiest environments.

  • Distributed monitoring networks and very-high channel count systems
  • Networked data acquisition and radio-telemetry systems
  • Bespoke sensing, acquisition and data management systems
  • Automated experimental calibration systems
  • Probe traversing systems and actuators
  • Full metadata capture and archiving capability
  • Laboratory and experimental systems control; active control systems for experimental hardware
  • Custom instrumentation design services