We’re pleased to announced that our new digital seven-hole probes are now shipping to customers worldwide. Offering industry-leading performance at a fraction of the cost, our digital seven-hole probe family provides a simple and fully self-contained plug-and-play solution for any velocity measurement requirements.

Digital seven-hole probe family

These probes feature

  • Seven differential pressure transducers (with full-scale ranges down to +/-160 Pa)
  • Simultaneous 24-bit, 1 kHz data acquisition
  • Variety of sting configurations and sizes (from microminiature to full flight scale)
  • Birdstrike armour, de-icing systems and case heaters available for flight applications
  • Additional integrated sensors including ambient humidity, absolute pressure, a six-axis IMU (for orientation and vibration warn), and nine separate temperature channels
  • Available with high-precision stainless steel body or light-weight nylon enclosure
  • Variety of available network communications options, including direct USB plug-and-play