The surrey Sensors Ltd. fast spirometer has just been granted European and US patents. This technology (nick-named the “Sneezometer” because its extreme speed can even record a sneeze) was the output of the earliest partnership between Surrey Sensors Ltd. and the University of Surrey, and indeed was the technology from which our world-leading sensing systems evolved. Press release

“This has been a very long road,” comments our Director of Research, Dr. David Birch, “but we are very proud of what we have achieved.” Originally prototyped in 2015, the Sneezometer was developed as a collaboration between the Surrey Sensors Ltd, the University of Surrey, and the Chest Unit of King’s College Hospital in London.

“The diagnostic power of this tool has yet to be fully explored,” added Dr. Birch, “but we’ve already seen that it can do things no other non-invasive respiratory instrument can.” The importance of increased respiratory diagnostic capability has already been identified, as the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Professor David Sampson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) at the University of Surrey, praised our ongoing collaboration with the university. “Surrey Sensors Ltd. is another innovation success story for the University of Surrey,” he said. “I am certain that the team will continue to develop inventive and useful products like the Fast Spirometer that will benefit communities across the globe.”

"Sneezometer" hardware setup