Our Director of Research, Dr. David M. Birch, will be speaking about the applications of our cutting-edge wind-tunnel instrumentation technology in medical diagnostics and patient care applications at the Pint of Science event in Guildford, Surrey on May 16th.

IMU Gait sensing system in use


Pint of Science: Application of wind tunnel technology to health care

One of the biggest obstacles facing the development of new medical technologies is that doctors and engineers rarely talk to each other. Recently, physicians at King’s College Hospital in London started talking to aerospace engineers at the University of Surrey, and the results have been some unlikely and unexpected transfer of technology from wind-tunnel testing systems to patient care. For example, systems designed for monitoring noise in landing gear bays can be used to detect heart problems.

Dr. Birch will be discussing how seemingly unrelated systems developed specifically for wind tunnel testing- including compact phased-array microphone systems for aeroacoustics, high-precision gas flow sensors, plasma gas detectors and model-embedded integrated deflection sensors for aeroelastics- can be transferred across for use in diagnostic medicine and patient care.

More information about the event and how to book is available here.