Derived from our successful miniature air-data system, we are now in the process of developing an integrated seven-hole probe system for specifically wind-tunnel use. This probe system, once available, will be one of the most compact and functional directional velocity measurement tools on the market.

Precision-machined, heated stainless steel seven-hole probe

Preliminary specifications:

  • In-line probe & sensor package; sensor unit measures 17 mm in diameter x 100 mm long
  • Probes available with and without static ring for direct local static pressure sampling; sting diameters available from 1.8 mm
  • 7 differential pressure transducers, available from +/-160 Pa for low-speed operation
  • Simultaneous 24 bit/1000 Hz sampling
  • Local temperature, absolute pressure and humidity for high-precision corrections
  • IMU orientation sensor for alignment and vibration warning
  • Simple, real-time serial data streaming; variety of protocols available


  • Wind tunnel testing: a low-cost alternative to LDV, with good bandwidth
  • Education: a high-specification system at a cost within reach of educational institutions means that world-leading technology is now available for teaching purposes
  • Motorsport: an alternative to other high-performance probes available

If you have a need for a high-performance, low-cost velocity probe, or if you think you may need one in the near future, we would love to hear from you!