Surrey Sensors Ltd. is pleased to announce a new project undertaken in partnership with the University of Surrey, to develop the “Smart Cube”: this will be one of the world’s most advanced wind-tunnel instruments for studying the flow around buildings.

Urban wind-tunnel model at the University of Surrey’s EnFlo National Facility for Atmospheric Measurement

A new research project, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council, aims to construct and commission one of the most heavily-instrumented wind-tunnel models ever built for studying the flow around buildings, including 512 channels of our bestselling 160 Pa DPS14 pressure scanners. Once commissioned, this instrument will be made available to researchers across the UK as a national asset.

Dr David Birch, our Director of Research, said: “People are finally acknowledging the fact that we are living through a climate change crisis and we all have a duty to do everything we can to nurse our planet back to health. We believe our “Smart Cube” has the potential to deliver the accuracy and resolution needed for scientists’ crucial efforts to understand and tackle air pollution in cities across the world.”