Surrey Sensors Ltd. is very pleased to announce the launch of its latest innovation: quick-change probe stings are now available!

Quick-change sting package on our integrated digital seven-hole probe line

Our world-leading integrated digital velocity probe product line has now been upgraded to include a quick-change compression coupling between the sensor package and the sting, while replacement stings are now rolling out as a stocked product. This upgrade will be rolled out from 1 November 2019 on all of our multihole probe products, including our best-selling seven-hole probe.

“This is a truly elegant solution,” said designer Beckie Manning; “it means an end to downtime because of probe crash. It also allows easy purge, so that FOD ingress no longer kills the probe.”

The same wide variety of sting geometries will also still be available, but now the same probe system may accommodate more than one sting, increasing the flexibility of the probe system. The quick-change probe enclosures will be available in both low-mass Nylon and precision-machined stainless steel.

For availability and pricing information, please contact us.