New! Precision, low-cost Pitot-static probe driver now available.

Pitot driver system

Surrey Sensors Ltd. is very pleased to announce the release of the latest product in its low-cost instrumentation line. This fully self-contained Pitot-static probe system includes a 24-bit, temperature-compensated differential pressure sensor as well as a high-precision absolute (vacuum-reference) atmospheric pressure sensor and fluid temperature probe for density estimation.

Pitot-static probes provide an estimate of local fluid velocity by comparing the pressure at the probe tip (where the fluid pressure is increased by being ‘rammed’ into the probe), to the pressure on the side of the probe (which is the best estimate of the ambient pressure). This pressure difference is generally small, so the best precision is obtained by using a differential pressure sensor. However, the actual velocity depends not only on the pressure difference but also on the fluid density. Direct measurement of density is very difficult- but it can usually be estimated if you have both an absolute measure of the fluid pressure (not just the difference) and the its temperature. This probe system provides all of these measures.

Fully USB-powered and driven, with intuitive software included, this probe system is a best-in-class measurement tool of laboratory quality at a student price.

Compatible Pitot-static probes are available as well.