Surrey Sensors Ltd. is very pleased to announce the launch of its new 8-channel nano-CTA system. The latest product based on our “world’s smallest” CTA system driving our proprietary CMOS sensor elements, this system offers previously-unavailable measurement capability. Our surface-mounted sensor leads are less than 100 microns thick and can be affixed to curved surface for measuring either internal or external flows. With sensitivities down to less than 10 mm/s in air, this system is an ideal alternative to conventional pressure-based measurements in low speed flows. An optional silicone coatings for the sensing elements is now available as well, allowing this technology to also be used in harsh or conductive environments, including seawater.

Micro-CTA element

With our earlier prototypes demonstrating that an array of surface velocity sensors can be used for determining all three components flow velocity, the potential applications for this technology are wide- including air data systems for hovering UAVs (when traditional Pitot systems fail), and low mass flow rate measurement in internal pipe flows and HVAC.  Because of their small size, the sensing elements also offer a “stick-on” solution for incidence measurement and stall warn in both aircraft and automotive applications.

“This really is a game-changing technology”, said Dr. David Birch, Director of Research and head of the Advanced Projects division. “We are talking about a stick-on flow sensor the size of a postage stamp, capable of measuring air speeds ranging from a literal snail’s pace’ to supersonic, which can be used in nearly any gas or liquid. Nothing else can do this.”