Surrey Sensors Ltd. is pleased to announce that its products have been featured in a Honeywell case study. The study, released earlier this year, describes how Honeywell’s lines of board-mounted pressure sensors are so valuable in the development of our products.

Single-channel digital sensor driver

Honeywell’s industry-leading RSC- and HSC-series pressure sensors are currently used in a number of our products, including our best-selling low-range modular pressure scanner systems and in our digital seven-hole probe systems. We have also used Honeywell’s technology in some less conventional applications, such as our “artificial whisker” nano-Newton force sensor demonstration.

“These sensors are ideal for our business,” said SSL’s Director of Research, Dr. David Birch. “They are the smallest, most sensitive, most reliable and most versatile that we’ve been able to find on the market, and allow us to continue to offer new products with world-leading functionality.”

SSL has just launched its new Nano-CTA product range, and will be announcing additional forthcoming additions to its growing catalogue shortly.