Multi-sensitive, high-bandwidth air quality sensor

Low-cost detection of airborne contaminants

This compact sensor will detect the presence of any contaminating gas, vapour, droplets or suspended solid particles in air, and is ideal either for monitoring gas mixes in process control- or, coupled with a suite of specific gas sensors, provides an additional check signal for air quality monitoring.

Unlike metal-oxide technology and IR-absorption systems, this sensor responds directly to the physical and electrical properties of the gas being sampled. This means that the sensor will detect any contaminant regardless of phase (solid, liquid or gas) and can respond at very high bandwidth. For binary gas mixes, the sensor can also provide accurate calibrated concentrations.


Air quality sensing

Smog in a city

Environmental monitoring

This low-cost sensor provides a overall, global indication of air quality. It could act  as a simple, stand-alone ‘go/no-go’ system- or, complemented with traditional metal-oxide species detectors, provide an additional ‘check’ data channel which responds to all contaminants not being specifically monitored.

Wind-tunnel laboratory

Wind tunnel testing

This system provides a very-low-cost alternative to conventional fast flame ionization detectors (FFID), for use in turbulent dispersion research. Because it is also sensitive to all contaminating species and not just combustible hydrocarbons, it can be used with non-flammable tracer gases.

Computer-controlled process-control regulators

Process control

This sensor provides a simple and low-cost means of measuring the concentrations of two mixing gases over the full 0% – 100% range, at bandwidths much higher than conventional IR absorption sensors.

Product Details

Capabilities and performance

This sensor features fully-integrated, factory-calibrated A/D for direct-to-digital outputs, and USB-connectivity for simplicity of use. Built-in environmental sensors also provide simultaneous ambient pressure, temperature and humidity measurements for calibration corrections.

Additional custom modifications available

  • Battery power and wireless telemetry module for remote operation
  • Integrated power supply and streaming serial output available for stand-alone operation
  • Custom enclosure design service available
  • Custom software and driver development service available
  • Extended product support and warranty available