MUS-64 with logo

The ultracompact, low-cost MUS-series 64-channel pressure scanner has arrived!

The latest in Surrey Sensors Ltd.’s MUS-series of ultracompact pressure measurement products, the MUS-64 features 64 temperature-compensated, true-differential pressure sensors (with independent A/D) in a fully-sealed enclosure IP-68 rated on the measurement side. The system also includes an integrated IMU for orientation and vibration correction, and can stream data via UART or USB, or over a CAN bus (with an additional CAN communications adaptor).

“This latest product in the MUS series is a step-change in capability,” commented Dr. David Birch, Director of Research at Surrey Sensors Ltd. “This new product really complements our best-selling DPS14-series scanners by providing the same level of high precision measurement, but in an ultracompact system at a truly affordable price.” The MUS-64 scanner measures 85 mm x 50 mm x 20 mm, including the barbs.

“These low-cost, compact pressure scanners mean that your embedded pressure measurement systems no longer need major capital investment,” added Joe Braitch, Managing Director. “This product can completely change the economics of pressure measurement.”

The new MUS-64 is available now; for availability and pricing, please contact us.